Ragdoll – Kings




Blue Point

HCM and PKD tested clear by DNA testing

I must say a big thank you to Elly who allows me to have this boy. He has everything I could imagine about a ragdoll: big size, great profile, strong chin, soft hair and the most important part is his nice-tempered character. I believe he will be a very stunning breeder when he fully matures. He is extremely outgoing with everyone.

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Blue Bicolor

HCM and PKD tested clear by DNA testing

Aslan grows so fast from the little cute sweetheart to the handsome young boy only in a few months. 

Aslan has gained huge volume of hair this season, and makes him looking like a big fur ball. He will keep growing to be a very big cat in size, and I am very looking forward to his development.




Lilac Point

HCM and PKD tested clear by DNA testing

Sammy is a little gentleman in our cattery, he is very nice to everyone and we like him into pieces. Sammy is a lilac color boy, which is very special to us, and because of this, our cattery is very proud that we can produce the guaranteed rare lilac color.